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  • Version: 2.6.3
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Updated to version2.6.3!

Cooking Madness Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Diamonds) 2024 for Android, the latest version. Prepare meals for customers in the fast-food restaurant. You must work hard to keep customers happy and earn money. It’s a business simulation offered by ZenLife Games Ltd, testing your customer service skills, cooking abilities, and, most importantly, your speed. You need to attend to customers before their patience runs out, and they leave the restaurant.

Start your Cooking Madness adventure with a tiny restaurant and a handful of customers. As you make money, upgrade your eatery, get new gear, and hire extra staff. Don’t forget, you can even launch new restaurants in different places. Expanding is key to boosting your earnings. Check out our Play Mode 24 website for all the details and a guide on downloading the game.

Download Cooking Madness Mod Apk 2024

Cooking Madness Mod Apk encompasses all the dynamics of real-world action. You must attend to customers promptly, cook food according to their orders, and serve it within the specified time. Additionally, you’ll deal with customer complaints, employee issues, and other unexpected events, adding a sense of reality to the gameplay and making it more thrilling.

More importantly, you should be economical in your spending. Always invest in areas that will yield the highest returns. For instance, updating cooking equipment and kitchen capacity is more critical than buying new furniture for the restaurant. Prioritizing your needs will ensure you stay on your feet even when things get tough. With Cooking Madness Mod Apk, you’ll embark on an experience that feels entirely authentic.

Key Tips for Playing Cooking Madness

  1. Introducing New Dishes:
  • Create delicious dishes within the customer’s budget in the Cooking Madness mod menu.
  • Unlock new recipes and ingredients as you progress, offering more choices to delight customers.
  • Success lies in satisfying customers, boosting confidence, and revenue, and ensuring business development.
  1. Opening a New Restaurant:
  • Explore diverse locations on the game map to find optimal spots for new restaurants.
  • Acquire and revitalize old establishments for profitability.
  • Choosing the ideal location involves considering factors like population density and competition.
  • Once you find the perfect spot, expanding your business becomes easier.
  1. Upgrading the Restaurant:
  • Always ensure your current restaurant runs smoothly before opening a new one.
  • This helps you avoid exhausting your resources, allowing you to focus on each business properly.
  • Then, upgrade your kitchen and recipes; the kitchen is the most crucial part of the game as it determines the quality and speed of your prepared meals.
  • Regular upgrades are necessary to handle the increasing customer demand.
  1. Balancing Meals:
  • Try experimenting with different dishes to learn what your customers prefer.
  • Keep them coming back for more with a variety of delicious options. Whether it’s pizza, pasta, burgers, or any other dish, customers love trying something fresh and exciting.
  • The key to success in the Cooking Madness Hack Apk is finding the perfect balance between old and new recipes.
  • Focusing too much on one type of dish can bore your customers, impacting your revenue.
  1. Keep an Eye on Time:
  • It’s essential to serve customers promptly.
  • Dealing with highly emotional customers, they won’t hesitate to leave if their orders take too long.
  • Additionally, you risk losing them to your competitors.
  • To avoid such issues, always monitor the timer.
  • This way, you can prioritize orders and ensure serving all customers within the specified time frame.

Key Features of Cooking Madness Mod Apk Latest Version

  1. Card Collection:
  • Cooking Madness Mod Apk adds an element of fun by introducing card integration.
  • You can acquire cards by completing various tasks, such as cooking specific dishes or serving a certain number of customers.
  • These cards offer different rewards, such as extra time or money, and also allow you to unlock new restaurants.
  1. Get Sets and Earn Tips:
  • This game encourages creativity in presenting your food.
  • The more appealing the dish, the higher the tips you receive.
  • You should also aim to get sets by preparing multiple orders at once.
  • This way, you’ll serve more customers and earn more money.
  1. Many Fun-Filled Levels:
  • This game features numerous dynamic levels, each with different challenges.
  • As you progress, the levels become more challenging, but the rewards are also more significant.
  • This aspect keeps the gameplay interesting, fresh, and engaging.
  1. Abundance of Special Tasks:
  • Cooking Madness Mod Apk stands out with special tasks that add a unique touch to the gameplay.
  • Completing them earns you various rewards, ensuring swift progress.
  1. Beautiful Graphics:
  • This game boasts well-detailed graphics that showcase the kitchen, restaurant, customers, and food with high precision.
  • You can also see customers entering and exiting the waiting area.
  • The colors are blended well to provide excellent visual appeal.
  1. Immersive Sound Systems:
  • Cooking Madness Mod Apk offers background music at the right time, keeping you motivated while cooking various meals.
  • The sound system also includes realistic cooking and eating sounds, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Features of Cooking Madness Mod APK

  1. Unlimited Money and Gems:
  • The in-game virtual currency is used to purchase various items, such as ingredients and kitchen upgrades.
  • Cooking Madness Mod APK allows you to buy anything you want without any worries.
  1. Unlimited Energy:
  • Cooking can be exhausting, especially when you have to do it for long hours.
  • This modification provides you with an unlimited amount of energy, allowing you to play the game for as long as you desire.
  1. Ad-Free Experience:
  • An ad-free version, free from annoying advertisements.
  • You’ll be able to build your cooking empire without distractions.

How to Download Cooking Madness Mod Apk for Android?

Get Free Cooking Madness Mod APK for free on your Android phone with these easy steps:

  1. Download Cooking Madness for Android from the download links from Play Mod 24.
  2. Please go ahead and install the APK file, and wait for the installation to finish.
  3. Run the Cooking Madness Mod Menu and enjoy!


In the end, Cooking Madness Mod Apk (Unlimited Money and Diamonds) is truly worth experiencing for the excitement and thrill it brings during gameplay. We’ve provided you with all the information about the game, outlined its key features, and explained the advantages of the modified version we offer. We’ve also guided you on how to download it for Android. Ultimately, we hope you enjoy it, and if you encounter any issues during the download and installation of the game, feel free to leave a comment.

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